The screen is used in submersible pumps to prevent penetration of solids into working elements with the particles cross-section of no more than 0.1 or 0.2 mm (depending on the screening element type).

Solid particles separation occurs at the intake of an axial helix screen, consisting of smooth grates made of high strength stainless steel, with sizes of apertures between them defining filtration capacity.

Depending on submersible electrical pump capacity and apertures width between screening elements, the screen can have one or numerous sections. A screen with one section is fitted with a top section and a screen with numerous section is fitted with a top section and bottom sections.

The screen is installed between the pump bottom section and a protector or between a gas separator without a suction strainer and an electrical driver protector.

The screens are complete with shafts made of corrosion-resistant steel 05Х16Н4Д2Б and alloy Monel К-500, Inconel-718. As requested by the customer, screens can be fitted with shafts made of different steel types and alloys. Application of screens increases mean time between failures of wells owing to extension of lifetime of pump working elements and reduces expenses on well workover.