Cable lines and Motor Lead extensions

Intended use

Motor lead extensions are intended to supply three-phase current with frequency up to 70 Hz and nominal voltage of up to 5 kV to the submersible electrical motor. In production of motor lead extensions, a flat cable with nominal voltage of 4 or 5 kV and operating temperature of up to 230°C (450°F) is used. The cable is designed for operation in a highly aggressive environment. Cable conductors have lead coatings, which protect them from negative impact of hydrogen sulphide.

Advantages and design features:

The motor lead extension consists of a pothead with a current lead and a flat cable with three copper solid conductors insulated by a combination based on ethylene propylene rubber with coating made of copper alloy for each core, reinforced with steel profile galvanized or corrosion-resistant steel band. Cable grade КЭСБП-230 with conductor cross-section 10, 13,3, 16, 21,15 mm2 is used to manufacture of cable extensions. 

Pothead leak integrity when connected to the electrical motor head is ensured by a rubber o-ring along the crosscut end and along the radial groove of the coupling casing. Coupling casing is made of stainless steel or Ni-resist.

Pothead design ensures protection from oil and reservoir fluids propagation onto both inner casing surface and lead coating, EPDM and plug ends. 

Cable extensions production technology has been continuously improving, new technical solutions and materials are implemented, making final product much more robust.

Cable line and extension conditions

Well fluid temperature, °F/°C
356 / 180
Gas factor, m3/m3 up to 500
Water pH
5,0 - 8,5
Hydrostatic pressure, Atm, not higher      345
H2S content, g/l Stadrard
up to 0,01
H2S content, g/l Corrosive-abrasive resistant up to 1,25

Cable lines and Motor Lead extensions