Intended use

Protectors are intended to protect inner space of submersible oil-filled electrical motors from reservoir fluid penetration, to make up for oil leakages and thermal changes in its volume during operation and shutdowns, as well as to transmit torque from the electrical motor shaft on to the pump shaft.

Protector is the combination of up to 4 chambers – bag, labyrinth and plunger, can be installed either in a single or in tandem, and has the following functionality:

  • Protects motor from reservoir fluid penetration;
  • Balances pressure between annular space and submersible equipment;
  • Makes up for thermal expansion and dielectrical motor oil compression during operation and shutdowns;
  • Absorbs axial thrust produced by the pump;
  • Transmits torque from the motor shaft to intake module and pump sections.

Advantages and design features

  • Utilization of seals of the leading manufacturer - John Crane Company - ensures reliable protection of protectors working space;
  • Thrust bearings with floating segments used in the bottom unit allow absorbing loads from the pump shaft to 2,000 kg;
  • Industrial rubber goods made of high temperature rubber mixtures guarantee flawless operation of a protector at high temperatures;
  • The bag is fixed by a band clamp made of stainless steel, which ensures maximum reliability of the membrane fixation on a support;
  • Hydraulic protection design provides for the existence of drain holes, which prevent deposits of solids in the protector head and, as a result, hydro abrasive wear of the shaft is prevented.

Protectors Operating Conditions

Well fluid temperature, °F/°C
Standard model
248 / 120
High-temperature model
302 / 150
Very high-temperature model
338 / 170
Well fluid solids content (7 on the Mohs scale), g/l
up to 1,0
Water рН
Hydrostatic pressure at pump setting depth, Atm, not higher 40 (400)
H2S content, g/l
Standard model
up to 0,01
Corrosion-abrasive resistant model
up to 1,25
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