Manufacturing facilities


Facility started up in 2007 and currently manufactures wide range of Electrical Submersible Pumps for oil production.

Casting facility:

Facility is equipped with modern equipment in accordance with present ecological requirements. Sand molds for pump stages casting are manufactured at “Laempe” automated core machines in accordance with «Cold-box-amine» technology.

There is the lost wax casting site available which allows to cast the most complex configurations.

Key metal melting parameters are controlled by express laboratory before molds filling.

Stages material options are:

  • Ni-Resist Type 1 as per ASTM standard;
  • Grey cast iron;
  • High-strength ductile iron.

Pumps manufacturing:

Wide range of pumps is available in 362, 400, 512 series with production capacity from 125 to 9500 bpd and can be in standard, abrasive resistant, corrosion resistant and abrasive-corrosion resistant modifications – in order to operate in different environment.

Pumps can be assembled as floater, semi-compression or compression.

All pump sections are tested at attested automated test benches.

For high gas environment a list of gas devices is available such as dynamic and vortex gas separators as well as gas handlers.

Machining site

Pump stages, heads, bases, radial bearing bodies etc are machined at modern lathes and multifumctional machining centers such as:

  • ST-10 (HAAS, USA)
  • ST-20 (HAAS, USA)
  • ST-30 (HAAS, USA)
  • ST-35 (HAAS, USA)
  • AKIRA-SEIKI SL-30 (Taiwan)
  • VF-1 (HAAS, USA)
  • VF-3 (HAAS, USA)

Machinery equipment counts more than 30 units and allows to produce products with accuracy up to 0.02 mm.

Polymer stages site

Site of polymeric composite stages manufacturing was started up in 2018 and is equipped with high-productive thermoplastic automatic machine and ultrasound welding machine. Polymer stages nomenclature continually increases.

Spare parts manufacturing

Forming site

Stator and rotor laminations blanking is performed at high-precision automated press with 125 tons force. Laminations are made of electric isotropic steel tapes. Strict sizing correspondence are guaranteed by matched hard-alloyed stamps. Stamps construction guarantees laminations faggoting immediately during stamping – which enables high accuracy and decreases laboriousness during stators burdening.

Rotors site

Site performs assembly, pressing, soldering and machining of rotors for induction and permanent magnet motors. Machining is executed in modern high-precision lathes.

Motor radial bearings and couplings site

Wide range of couplings is available with straight and involute splines in different metallurgy. Site also manufactures and assembles motor radial bearings.

Almetyevsk facility

Submersible motors manufacturing

Facility was started up in 2012 and serially producing:

  • Submersible induction motors of 405, 460 and 512 series with power range from 11 to 670 HP (@60 Hz);
  • Permanent magnet motors from 20 to 400 HP @ 3000 RPM, available in 460 series;
  • Single and tandem protectors of 362, 405, 448 series composed by the combination of up to 4 chambers – bag, labyrinth and plunger.

Facility is equipped by modern special equipment and highly qualified personnel. Implemented the full cycle of motors and protectors manufacturing – from housing blank machining to motors tests at certified computerized test benches.

All materials and supplies pass internal quality control and are tested in independent laboratories. Each product is supplied with technological passport where each test procedure with its result is described.

Service Centers

At present time there are 3 service centers located in Russian Federation: in Nefteyugansk city, in Buzuluk and Noyabrk. One more service center in Nefteyuganks is pending to be started up. As well as centers in Latin America (in Colombia and Ecuador).

    Facilities provide full scope of services such as:
  • “New Technologies” ESP leasing;
  • Equipment filed services;
  • Submersible equipment operations analysis and its optimization.

Service centers are certified in accordance with international requirements in quality, protection of environment, labor and health.* ISO 9001, 18001; 14001 certificates are granted.