The shroud for submersible electrical motors is intended to:

  • Cool electrical motors by the increase of the flow velocity of reservoir fluids around the electrical motor.


  • One-sectional;
  • Multi-sectional;
  • To complete units with electrical motors of 406 series;
  • To complete units with electrical motors of 456 or 460 series.

The shroud consists of the following assembly components:

  • A shroud housing;
  • An intake module;
  • A centralize.

The overall shroud length required to install motor is secured by selection of the shroud design.

The shroud housing is fabricated in the form of a tube, allowing for installation of the intake module and electrical motor with a protector inside it in such a manner that ensures the flow of reservoir fluids through the clearance between the shell and the electrical motor. The intake module is installed at the casing top. The threaded base of a smooth tube coupling with diameter of 73 mm as per GOST 633 to connect accessory equipment and tubes of tubing is installed at the casing bottom.