Induction Motors

Intended use

A submersible motor is an induction three-phase oil-filled two-pole electrical motor with a short-circuited rotor. Rotation speed at full capacity is 3,450 rpm at 60 Hz or 2,875 rpm at 50 Hz. 

Submersible motors are used to drive centrifugal and progressing cavity pumps to perform pumping-out of reservoir fluids from oil well with the deviation not higher than 60°. Frequency deviation in the range of 35-70 Hz is allowable as long as the nominal current value is not exceeded. 

Wide range ensures the best optimal combination of motor-pump system to secure the highest efficiency of unit operation. 

All produced electrical motors are designed with stator phases connected to Y-point and a neutral wire lead at the bottom of electrical motors.

Start-up, electrical motor operation control and its protection in emergency situations are performed by controllers of switchboards or variable speed drives.


  • High-voltage induction motors;
  • Motors equipped with sensor;
  • Motors to be used with reversed ESPs;
  • Motors to be used in dual ESP completion;
  • Motors equipped with resonant-wave complex RVK-1;
  • Motors equipped with thermal protector.

Terms of use

Well fluid temperature, °F/°C
Standard model
248 / 120
High-temperature model
302 / 150
Very high-temperature model
338 / 170
Well fluid solids content
(7 on the Mohs scale), g/l
up to 1,0
Water рН
Hydrostatic pressure at pump setting depth, Atm, not higher 395
H2S content, g/l
Standard model
up to 0,01
Corrosion-abrasive resistant model
up to 1,25

Advantages and design features

Electrical motors manufacturing and assembly technologies, instructions and methodology are based on experience of local and international companies and are strictly followed. 

100% incoming quality control with respect to subcontracted materials and components. Continuous cooperation with suppliers aimed at improvement of supplied goods quality. 

100% step-by-step quality control. Each stator is supplied with a process data sheet where all process operation and steps are recorded, all actual performance data are entered and signed by duly authorized executors. 

As requested by the customer, the temporary use of bronze sections of stator plates located in the point of bearing installation is possible, thus insuring increase of electrical motor lifetime by decreasing possibility of the stator bore wear during pump unit operation.

All electrical motors upon assembly are tested for quality acceptance at the computer-assisted certified facility. As a result of acceptance testing, a protocol is drawn up and printed, which is attached to the ESP motor passport. ESP limit vibration range during run testing does not exceed 4 mm/s2. 

Electrical motors are filled with synthetic dielectrical oil. 

Electrical motors are fitted with shafts and couplings with involute splines.

Induction Motors