Gas separators

Intended use

Gas separators intended for stable operation of submersible centrifugal pumps in pumping-out of reservoir fluids with high content of free gas. 

Gas separators are installed either at a pump intake instead of the intake module or downstream the intake module if not fitted with a suction strainer. New Technologies LLC produces and supplies gas separators for various operation conditions. 

A gas separator working principle is based on using centrifugal force to remove free gas. Gas is removed in annular space without vapor locking in the pump, leading to stable unit operation and increase of mean time between failures.

Advantages and design features

Friction pairs in gas separators are made of hard alloy. End elements and protection sleeves are made of corrosion-resistant steel to improve hydro abrasive wear. Wet end elements are made of corrosion-resistant steel and cast iron of Ni-resist type. 

Gas separators are complete with shafts made of corrosion-resistant steel 05Х16Н4Д2Б and alloy Monel К-500, Inconel-718. As requested by the customer, gas separators can be fitted with shafts made of different steel types and alloys.

Terms of use

Well fluid parameter Model
Max density, kg/m3 700 - 1400
Max water cut, %
Water pH
from 4.0 to 8.5 incl.*
from 3.0 to 9.0 incl.*
Max kinematic viscosity for single-phase fluid, mm2/s 1,0
Aggressive components content, g/l, not higher
H2S 0,01 1,25 1,25
CO2- 1,15 1,15 1,15
Cl- 20,0 75,0 75,0
HCO3 1,0 1,0 1,0
Ca 2,0 9,0 9,0
(Na+ + K+) - 40,0 40,0
Max solids hardness, Mohs scale 5 7
Temperature, °F/°C, not higher
120 150 170
Solids content, mg/l 0,5 1,0

*short-term (up to 6 hrs) pH decrease to 0 is acceptable


Gas separators